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The new EvoPlus is the successor of the Evolution and it displays some decisive advantages: the body as well as the  crab and steer mechanism became reinforced, a new plug connection on the control cable protects the cable much better, optional H wheels come with a new brake system and a 360° rotatable Euro mount is part of the unit. Last but not least it is the long lasting design which provides for longer service intervals, thus, on the long run an EvoPlus will always pay off.
Panther’s Evolution might well be the most complex dolly in the world. Without doubt, though, it offers options and technical preconditions like no other camera dolly. To know the Evolution dolly by heart is a challenge for a great dolly grip.

Jimmy Jib


* Available In 9 lengths: from 3ft (.9m)
reach to 40ft (12m) reach
* Works with film & video cameras up to 50lb
at 30ft length and 25 lbs at 40ft
* Head can be overslung or underslung
* Uses triangular aluminum tubing for superior
strength & rigidity
* Each model can be upgraded to a onger (Or Shorter) Length Model