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ARRI 235

     The ARRI 235 is a small and lightweight 35 mm MOS film camera designed for handheld and remote applications. It is a great 'C' camera for feature films and commercials to grab unique and spontaneous angles, be that on the operator's shoulder or when used for Steadicams, car rigs, motorcycle rigs, bicycle mounts, underwater applications, crash housings or aerial photography.

    By focusing on essential features and employing the most up-to-date design and manufacturing techniques, the 235 is spectacularly lightweight, small and compact. It's body and viewfinder weigh about 3.5kg/7.7 Lbs, half the weight of a 435 body and viewfinder. With a smaller and lighter camera it is possible to work faster, use less rigging and utilize lighter support equipment.

    The 235 was developed with economics in mind. Camera body and viewfinder incorporate existing, proven technology, resulting in a price half of the 435. And since it shares a large number of already available accessories with its ARRI siblings, the 235 is an affordable investment for rental facilities and individuals.

    Despite its compact size, the 235 is a thoroughly modern motion picture camera, equipped with all the features cinematographers, producers and crews have come to expect. Super 35, a 3 perforation option, speed ramps and a high quality video assist save time and provide more creative options.